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Dr. Marta Figueiredo (President)

Quinta de Santa Comba,Travessa de S. Joao, Repeses

Viseu-Portugal 3500

Email: contact@sciencexplore.org

Science Project Leaders


Energy from forest waste


Dr. Isabel Brás

Urban Architecture


Càtia Seixas

Material Science

ETH, Zürich

Dr. Rafael Libanori

Urban Sleep

University of Zürich

Prof. Steven Brown

Art Project Leaders


Upcycling: Urban waste to art

Centropontearte, Viseu

Juliana Ferreira & Carlos Sousa

Urban Street Art

Wözen Studio, Lisbon

Rique Inglez

Urban Street Art

ZHdK, Zürich

Mahroo Movahedi

Viseu: Documentary of a culinary journey

Freelance Cinematographer

Sebastian Geret

Viseu: Documenting its citizens and their expectations.

Freelance Animator

Dr. Kessara Chan

Guest Lectures


How much sleep is enough?

University of Zürich

Prof. Steven Brown

Planet Earth: Threats and Opportunities

ESTGV, Viseu

Dr. Isabel Brás

Archeology is a passionate science

EON Creative Industries, Viseu

Pedro Sobral

How to become a multidisciplinary artist

Wözen Studio, Lisbon

Rique Inglez

Sustainable living across cultures

Freelance blogger, science communicator

Shahnaz Radjy

Art and Artists in Iran

ZHdK, Zürich

Mahroo Movahedi

Learning Material Science from Nature

ETH, Zürich

Rafael Libanori

Team Building


Filipa is the founder and CEO of Ciencia Clara, with experience in Leadership training & Career Coaching for scientists at level of Master and Ph.D.

CEO Ciencia Clara, Lisbon

Dr. Filipa Moraes