Science Project Leaders



Imperial College London

Dr. Joana Moscoso

Artificial Intelligence

Google Zürich

Petar Ivanov

Physics of Big Bang to Microwave oven

INFN, Trieste

Dr. Carlos Alexandre Santos

Art Project Leaders


Papermaché Sculpture

Freelance Artist, Viseu

Liliana Velho

Papermaché Sculpture

Freelance Ceramic Artist, Lisboa

Maria de Betânia

Guest Lectures


Circadian and Sleep Biology

University of Zürich

Prof. Steven Brown

Science Outreach in Portugal

Founder IEC Mamarrosa, Portugal

Prof. Arsélio Carvalho

Physics and Art in Light

University of Aveiro

Prof. Pedro Pombo

Neuroscience and Art

University of Coimbra

Prof. Carlos Duarte

Nano Physics for Modern Materials

University of Geneva

Prof. Patrycja Paruch

Metaphors underlying science communication

University of Coimbra

Dr. Adalberto Fernandes

4D Optical Illusion Art

Op Artist, Lausanne

Youri Messen-Jaschin

Elements of writing a novel

Graphic Novelist

Andrew David

The Process of Live Art

Painter & Sculptor, Viseu

Yuraldi Rodriguez Puentes

Multimedia Art

Artist and Curator, Viseu

Ana Maria Barbero Franco

Team Building


Self Assembly of Units

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