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ART LAB International:
26.-30. April, 2021
A Science and Art fusion workshop.

ART LAB International Zoom Edition

Registration required

Age: 14-18yr   

When: April 26-30, 2021

Where: online ZOOM

9:00-11:00 (CET) & 13:00-16:00 (CET)

Language: English

Sensoric Poster

Collaborative explorations in science and art


ART LAB Concept

ART LAB is a week-long science-art summer workshop for students between ages 12-18 together with scientists and artists. Each ART LAB is curate on a specific theme for students to learn about a topic in depth. ART LAB is also a mentoring platform for our future innovators and leaders. At the end of ART LAB students present science projects using art to their family and friends.


Aug 30. - Sept 3rd 2021


9:00-12:00 & 14:00-17:00

We are putting together an exciting program on the topic of exploration. Let us know if you would us to include specific projects on this topic. 

Science Museum Space Exploration

Previous ART LAB events

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Discover your hidden talents

Youri-Messen Jaschin
(Artist: Lausanne)

I wish a long life to ART LAB, with collaborations in important scientific domains so that artists and scientists can evolve together to share and enrich our knowledge.

Prof. Steven Brown
(University of Zürich)

“Meaningful science and art share the common necessity of creativity in approaching a problem: ART LAB succeeds beautifully in conveying this message to students. I would highly recommend ART LAB to your child!”

Dinis Cardoso
(Particiapant ART LAB 2015)

“This was undoubtedly an enriching experience, because besides all the knowledge we acquired from diverse projects, we also got to learn about opportunities when we enter secondary education and even University”

Kaspar König
(Artist: Zürich)

Science Xplore offers a wide variety of collaborative projects. Their content, their approach and their motivation inspire me to participate and create  experiments with students to gain epistemy with ART and SCIENCE.



Dr. Marta Figueiredo

(President Science Xplore)


Steven Brown_edited.jpg

Prof. Dr. Steven Brown

(University of Zürich)


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Dr. Kessara Chan

Design and Production


Prof. Dr. Shiva Tyagarajan

(Vice President Science Xplore)

Jill Scott_edited.jpg

Prof. Dr. Jillian Scott

(Professor Emerita ZHdK)


Sebastian Geret

Documentation ART LAB

Science Xplore Portugal exposes students to cutting edge concepts and ideas by collaborating with professionals for a creative learning experience.